March 31st, 2017

Beer as the source of many successful social enterprises

London has been known for many things throughout the centuries, especially since its industrialization, however, there is one liquid that is still a constant not only in the British capital, but all over UK: beer.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that creative social entrepreneurs would turn to this centuries-old industry in order to make a change. Nick O’Shea, the founder of Ignition Brewery, has created the microbrewery in order to provide job opportunities for people with learning disabilities. Currently they produce three types of ale, while the business keeps on growing as they continue selling their beverages in South East London.

Another innovative entrepreneur, Tristram Stuart founded Toast Ales to provide a solution for food waste. The brewery uses surplus fresh bread to make beer, with every bottle containing one slice of bread. Through their method, Toast Ales has become a part of the solution to the issue, by using 2.6 tonnes of bread to make 80,000 bottles of ale. However, apart from reducing the amount of food waste every year, the company thrives to prevent it in the first place as well.

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