Business support

All of our members have access to various business tools, shared by our partners or specifically created by I-SEN. Members also have access to our open conference calls - arranged to discuss core impact business principles in depth with smaller groups. Collectively, our network offers expert support in the following areas;

  • Set Up

  • Financial Structures

  • Legal Support

  • Getting Investment Ready

  • Finding Funding

  • Branding, Websites and Pitch Decks

  • Measuring your Impact



The I-SEN network is a community of businesses, academics, MBA students from across the UK and impact experts there to support you as your business develops.

Members gain access to educational events run by our partners, informal meet-ups to spread collective wisdom and the I-SEN Slack Channel where members can be in touch with the I-SEN team, our partners and each other.

We have a very clear code-of-practice for our members so ideas can be discussed safely and introductions can be made easily.


education and events

There are two styles of events at I-SEN;

Educational Events - evening talks on topics related to the impact industry or the development of impact ventures. These are hosted by our partners at various venues around London. Trends, regulations and ideas are shared with the opportunity for members to request topics and hosts throughout the year.

Informal meet-ups - these events are member led, informal smaller meet-ups. These are aimed at sharing problems, solutions, ideas and advice over drinks.

Events are communicated to the network though Slack so members, make sure to sign up.